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It has been said before that; great readers make great leaders. However, the content gives the said statement even more weight. A look at all the existing reading material will open your eyes to more possibilities. The best part is that books come in various categories. You are welcome to pick one depending on your level of interest. Blinkist is an app that gives you access to thousands of different books and you can read more about it here.

The fun begins when you discover which category of books intrigues you. In our case, leaders have a wider variety to choose from. Corporate leaders have a pile of tasks at which they are expected to perform flawlessly at all times. Instead of letting the pressure get to them, it is best to equip themselves with all befitting reading materials. We discuss the best below.

Self-help books

self help bookAs a leader, you are better off helping yourself first before helping those around you. Self-help books will teach all corporate leaders to think big and expand their thought patterns. This category is not just for those that think they have blown their lives away. Self-help books are also for those who wish to see and effect changes around them. Since all eyes are on the corporate leaders, they need to be in their best state of mind. This category of books is just what they need to put their act together.


Their line of work certainly demands that they be well informed about current affairs. This category of books when we all chosen will tell you all you need to know especially when you are in a leadership position. What’s more, the language used in top journals will see to it that the readers are well equipped. This is especially because they are required to express themselves exceptionally most of the time.

Inspirational books

Being a leader in a certain capacity is no easy feat. With all the responsibilities weighing on them, most of them find themselves bowing to pressure. Inspirational books have the power to restore the inspiration that is lost somewhere deep within. All it takes is for you to read them quietly as you digest the contents. Corporate leaders should select this category very carefully and weigh the contents. This is because their legacy depends entirely on what they choose to read.

Science fiction

Sometimes it’s good to have their minds enthralled to the maximum. There is no better category to do this than science fiction. This literature is laced with all manner of creativity that will leave your mind craving for more. Away from the busy schedules at your office, you need to take your mind on a mystery ride of some sort. As you engage your mind in the mysterious happenings in fictional stories, your mind begins to get refreshed.


This has got to be the most vital category of all. Packed with all the knowledge you need for your health, you can’t do without a copy on your desk. Every corporate leader deserves to know what is going on in their bodies. They are also better off when they know what to embrace and what to avoid at all costs. Only the best-edited health magazines and books will add more knowledge on all these vital health questions.