Currently I am only set up for the body style to the right with an upper
bout of 12″, Lower Bout 16″ & a Scale of 24.75″. All top & back plates are hand carved. Necks are 3 piece Just about everything else can be optioned out (see the list below)

—Option List—
-Binding (None, Basic, Multiple)
-Pickguard (Yes/No, Color)
-Inlay (Basic, Medium, Full)
-F-Holes (Flame, Traditional)
-Color Scheme (Your Choice)
-Neck (Mohogany,Maple,Mix, Other)
-Top (Spruce, Pine, Maple, Other)
-Back/Sides (Maple, Other)
-Body Depth (1.5″-4″)
-Fret Board (Mohogany, Rosewood, Other)
-Frets (Size)
-Tuning Macines (Your Choice)
-Nut (Bone, Vintage Bone, Brass, Other)
-Pickups/Wiring (Your Choice)
-Tailpiece (Trapeze, Bigsby, Other)
-Bridge (Ebony, Tune-O-Matic, Bar, Other) The List to the left
are the major items
on my order form. These items can be built/set up to suit
your needs & taste.
I have list a few
Obvious options,
for a more
selection check out the suppliers on my
for custom or hard
to find items.