How to identify a good dashboard camera

Dashboard cameras are becoming a necessity in the modern day. A good dashboard camera makes it easy for you to reverse your car without necessarily looking at the back. With a dashboard camera like Btopllc HD 1080P, you can see everything that is happening at the back of the car, and you can avoid hitting the pavement or other cars. The modern dashboard cameras are not just used for reversing the car. Today we have dashboard cameras with GPS technology and also other features. Here are features that will help in identifying a good camera.

Features of a good dashboard camera

Camera resolution

When buying a dashboard camera, it is important to determine the resolution of the camera. It all depends on how you want to use the dashboard camera. Some dashboards can take high-quality videos because of the resolution of the camera. With a good camera, you will use your dashboard camera to take high-quality videos that can be used for professional use. When you buy a dash camera with a high-resolution camera, you will be able to record your entire trip without any problems.


Relative big memory

Dashboard cameras come with a memory where the recordings are stored. You need to find a dash camera with a relatively big memory. With such a memory, you can be able to access the videos that were stored in the past. There are instances when you need to access the videos to use as evidence or other purposes. When you have a dash camera with a relatively big memory, you will be able to access past videos.

GPS technology

When buying a dash camera, remember to buy a camera with GPS technology. The GPS technology will save you the trouble of having to install an additional gadget for GPS tracking. If you have a teenager, then it will be easy for you to track their movement. A dash camera with GPS technology is also important if you are running a fleet of cars so that you can determine their position at any given moment.



You need to buy a durable car camera that will be able to stand the test of time. A good dash camera should have a rigid exterior to be able to withstand all the vibration and especially when driving off-road. With a durable dashboard camera, you will get value for your money.…

Choosing A Good Auto Repair Mechanic

Every car owner will need automobile maintenance and repairs. The process of choosing an auto mechanic is not a walk in the park especially for those individuals who do not have a sound in the mechanical field. Finding a trustworthy and a good mechanic is important. This will ensure that your vehicle is running smoothly.  The following are some of the tips which will help you in choosing a reputable mechanic.


This involves researching to get to know whether the mechanic is trained properly and whether he or she is certified. A certified mechanic should display his certificate at his work place. Never choose a mechanic who is not certified as this shows he or she is not competent in the job.


Look for a customer with plenty of repeat customers and who has good reviews. When dealing with car repairs, deal with a mechanic who can be trusted. When a mechanic has many customers, it shows that the customers have confidence in his work. The customers know the mechanic can clear the problem once and for all.

Good reputation

Look for a mechanic with a good reputation and who has also been in service for some years. A mechanic who is known to have a good conduct and who people trust is recommended. The mechanic is well disciplined and delivers services in the required time.


Choose a mechanic who is near your home. This will help you in accessing your car easily. This will also help you create a close relationship with the mechanic. This will help you have a personal mechanic who can service your car. This will also help you call him in case of an emergency.


Find a price that can complement the work being done. High cost does not always necessarily mean the machine has better services. Low cost does not also necessarily mean the work being done is poor. Look for a customer who is cheap and at the same time have quality services



Choose a mechanic who is ready to explain the problems and how to control them in future. A mechanic who involves you as he repairs your car is highly recommended. This is because this creates a conducive environment and the customer feels free while addressing the mechanic. Friendliness helps the mechanic show the customer how to solve minor problems and how to maintain his/her car.


Look for a mechanic who offers warranty for services done. The mechanic who has a longer warranty is recommended. Warranty saves the customers from the high cost of doing repairs. It also helps th...