Hello, My name is Hyde Baker. As a long time player & hollowbody guitar enthusiast I found it increasingly difficult to find guitars built the way I wanted them. This led me to the Idea of building custom archtop guitars. Being the project oriented guy that I am it seemed a perfect fit. I began my reasearch in 2003 which soon lead to months of intensive set up planning & finally my first effort Blue Belly #0812. My previous experience with autobody work & home remodeling coupled with my love of building & designing makes this field of work really enjoyable for me. If you have an interest in my work or Blue Belly Guitars please feel free to contact me.
Hyde D Baker

Below is a picture of my personal collection & inspiration pieces. Every one of these guitars has it’s own special story & perpose for it’s place in my arsenal. In the lower right hand corner of the picture you can see the BlueBelly #0813 in one of it’s stages of paint. I wish I could keep every guitar that I make too!